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Are you stuck in your writing? Needing a real sense of community AND accountability, plus 1 on 1 feedback? Do you just want the secret to getting it done?

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"You can make anything by writing."

c.s. lewis

It's Time!

You know you're a writer. Always have been. But, sometimes, life and all within gets in the way of what we've always been. We substitute passion for paychecks when in reality, we can pursue our passion and turn it into profit if only we can kick procrastination out of the way.

That's where I come in. I'm not only a writing and book coach, I'm a writer. Getting my 2nd novel written alongside you in this program designed to eliminate fear, procrastination and any shadow of doubt with pure action and attention to detail. When you're in the details, you don't have time for fear. And, when you make a commitment to yourself, you won't have time for writer's block or anything that will hold you back.

Who is the 90 Day Novel Program for? Writers new and old who are ready to tackle writing 50,000 words and finally complete the first draft of their novel, that has been in the back of our minds for ages. Or, for you that has a deadline pending and only a few short months to tackle it. It's for those who are ready to make something, writing! Does that sound like you?

The Dates + Deets

+ every monday and wednesday we will have a group call and an assignment. Wednesdays are reserved for live q+A.

+ You will have access to all recordings and notes every week so you don't fall behind

+ your first draft is always the hardest to write. But here, there will be a flow that will ensure you get it done.

+ full time someplace else or full time writers, this has the flexibility to work on your schedule. But! there is a pace you've got to keep!

Rolling Enrollment

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The Experience

the topics

We'll Cover

+ Secrets to Crafting 50,000 words
+ Overcoming Writers Block
+ Concept of Your Novel
+ Genre
+ Theme and the Story You Are Telling
+ Who is Your Protagonist?
+ Antagonist/Villain
+ Outlining Your Novel
+ Scene Work
+ Characterizations
+ Setting
+ Dialogue
+ Structure
+ The Edit and Rewrite

AH Reviews


"5.0 out of 5 stars Page turner!"

Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2018
Verified Purchase
This book was a page turner with so many twists and turns. I could not put it down, i needed to know what happened next. Far from predictable. The storyline felt so real. Descriptors were great: felt like I just watched a movie. 5 stars! I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good page turner. The book will leave you wanting more. Seems like there may be a part 2? Hopefully.


"5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read!!"

Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2018
Verified Purchase
I will recommend this book to everyone great beginning, middle and ending. The ending caught me by surprise that’s crazy but I loved it!!

Cozy up and Read!

Amazon Customer

"5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT READ!!!!"

Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2018
Verified Purchase
Left me wanting more!! This book will keep you engaged and wondering “what next”! From start to finish, you will be glued to the page!

As a Founding Member

meet your peers, get feedback, learn, share and grow

Access to the Writers Only Lounge

One on One Feedback from the Coach

Some perks of joining the program

scheduled once a week inside the lounge, on zoom

Accountability Assignments

weekly tasks so no writer is left behind


a one-time payment

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The Investment 


3 month payment plan

Most flexible option

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* Once you choose an option, you'll be booking the start date to join us on the kickoff! The details will be emailed to all enrolled immediately after payment is made.

Will my investment be worth it?

faqs from around the globe

Any investment we make for ourselves is worth it. This program is designed to move you. If you are unwilling to do the work then your investment won't work for you. But, if you put on your cloak of passion and want to complete this novel, this program will totally be worth it. There are no guarantees here, just like life, but I will say that it is no better feeling than knowing I'm accomplishing what I've set out to do with a community of peers that are cheering me on toward my ultimate goal!

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*Any other questions? Email and I'll see you in the inbox!

What if I miss one of the weeks?


All of the sessions are recorded and will be housed in our members lounge. You'll have full access to the lounge once you've completed payment. All of the members convos and the calls will be held inside so you can easily go back to the one you've missed or even watch again for clarification.

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*Any other questions? Email and I'll see you in the inbox!

Will there be feedback for what I write?


Absolutely! There is a members lounge just for us that you can use to ask your peers for feedback OR you can schedule a one on one with me for even more intimate feedback. Those can be scheduled once a week and are on a first come first serve basis.

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*Any other questions? Email and I'll see you in the inbox!

How can you rush such a big project? I'm worried about quality.

faqs from around the globe

In one of our required readings by Gerke, he says "It's on the bucket list of millions of people. To write a novel- ah, it is one of the great achievements a person can realize. It's right up there with running a marathon. But, it's the very difficulty of those things that can make them seem unattainable... Lot's of people begin writing their heartbreaking work of staggering genius, plunging ahead with great fervor, only to run out of gas after a few pages or chapters." 

Here, we will plunge forward together, not compromising on quality but focusing on diligent writing with a routine to get your first draft completed. It is totally possible to write quality without compromising on good story. We'll run though the how and actually get it done together.

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*Any other questions? Email and I'll see you in the inbox!

90 Day Novel

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The founding members 12-week program from procrastination to ultimate progress to done.

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