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You don't have to start or manage your business all alone... I'm right there with you on your terms. If you are looking for something different, I am certainly a jill of all trades...

Book me to help you write a novel, speak, interview, influence and host!


You're only a few steps away from taking your book/business/brand to the next level.

Complete, online business management, execution, and strategy and if it's something else you want... writing a novel, creating a brand partnership or even an invite to your event/podcast/show is all the way up my alley!

HEre's how i can help:


brand influencer

If you have something you know my audience will love, I'd love to share it!


I'm so down to chat with you on your podcast, speak at your event or join you in person!

business management

Your business but in a more efficient way with better productivity, systems and design.

writing coach

Guiding you to completing your novel and kicking procrastination and writers block with my signature program, 90 Day Novel.

Writing Coach

Your story, characters and craft are worth getting on the paper! I'm here to make sure you know that, realize it + get it done!

It's not many out there who can say they've written a book or 20. But, there are so many who say they want to. Without the excuses, I coach you to completion so you can add your novel to the done column on your 'want to list!'

I coach you through a 90 day process to help you get 50,000 quality words or more down and complete. In this program you'll finish with a first draft that is ready for editing!

Want to see the signature program?

yes! I'm in!


Complete Online Business Management for Women Led Small Businesses.

An exclusive, expert-level service designed to help overworked and overwhelmed entrepreneurs who need to get more time out of their day and a better path to high-ticket clientele. 



Your audience is in for a treat! Your special event, interview, show and/or speaking event is totally my jam!

For the last 7 years I have appeared in, hosted and spoken on several television shows, podcast interviews, networking and special events.

If you have an audience in need of faith and family based, feminine, entertainment, writing, television and entrepreneurship knowledge, I'm ready to show up. 

Are you ready to book me?

yes! I'm ready

Brand Influencer

Your brand only amplified! My community of women are ready to buy and I'd love to show them why.

Have product you'd love for me to try? Have items you'd like to gift me in exchange for promo? Or, would you like to spend ad dollars on my page and to my specific audience where it counts? 

Faith, wellness, family, fashion, home and lifestyle items are my signature shares!

I'd love to chat more and if this sounds like you, I know we're a fit!


my corner of the world looks like this:

Over 19K Followers on Instagram

Millions of Views on National + International TV

Published Fiction Author + MFA in Creative Writing

Major Network Host Experience


None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.

Mother Teresa

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