hey, friend!

I'm Niché, your go-to girl just shy of a fairy godmother for starting + managing your biz, who loves putting words and people together...

My story really began the moment I said no to fear, and let God lead the way... wholeheartedly.

The first business I started was Caldwell Homes and Interiors and once I got wind of the entrepreneurship journey, my husband and I kept opening businesses.  

In the last few years I was driven to finish a fiction novel titled "Abandon House"  which is available on Amazon and also starred in the E! television series, WAGS Atlanta. Busy, busy, busy, I know but I'm an all around creative whose love of all things luxurious has blossomed into 4 businesses between myself and my husband.

All of these journeys led me into the latest journey I'm starting with private online business management, blogging and writing novels. Consistently writing, reading and engaging with the audience that has grown in the last two years, will be a fun, challenging but really an exciting task I'm willing to dive into. It seems that I'm at the tail end of the blogging phenom, but moreover, I'm willing to share all that I can with those that admire and love me most. Thank you for coming and I'm so glad you're here!

you can start, run and grow your business... 

I can show you how... I've curated services that can guide you and also take some pressure off of you while on your journey to growth and peace in your small business...

I CAN HELP BECAUSE I'VE BEEN THERE... Five years ago, I was searching for a one stop shop...

"I looked all over for a company to do my website, branding and help me tie everything all together on the back end, helping me run my business with my shiny new things!

I found no one who could do all three and so... I created it!

I wanted to offer women an opportunity to run their businesses effectively with tools and online platforms that also played well together with their branding and web design. To me, it all has to work together and not having cohesiveness across the board creates frustration and overwhelm."

From football to television, to becoming an author and business owner, this has been such an impossible life. But, with God and my husband, I wouldn't have it any other way. Our seemingly impossible, overly ambitious life is made possible because of our faith in God and our faithfulness to each other.

what gets me going?


Murder She Wrote, Banana Splits, Great Fiction Writers, my love of Christ and my family!


what stops me in my tracks

Bad grammar, narcissism, the rat race of life, mediocrity.

My mantra and purpose... 

"Don't let others look down on you because you're young but show them and be the example for the believers, in truth, love, faith, purity, speech and every day life."

— 1st timothy 4:12



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Spinning your wheels all alone? Dealing with the unnecessary traps in business? Ready to soar in your passion and purpose in life and get organized in your business to create the lifestyle you only dream of? I bet we'd be a great fit! It's time to get help and I'm here for you, friend...