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Prentice is the smart, beautiful, hopeless romantic that can't take her eyes off of one prize. The saying "be careful what you wish for," doesn't appeal to Prentice until it's too late, or is it? Her work-driven life and crazy, twist turned obsession leads her to a place she's always wanted but could be more than what she's bargained for. Her mother and brother are just the catalysts' she needs to drive her to her goal of finding the perfect man for her. Through and through she finds meaning and true happiness if only for a short while.

My First Fiction Novel

I was right where you are now! I knew when I started my business that I wanted it to look and feel like the luxurious coaches who dominate the online space. I knew my offer was just as good and even better and the only thing missing was creating the luxury business that works for my clients and also for my own life and ultimately, booking those clients.

There was no one to help me do all the start up and backend work plus the design and functionality. So, I dug deep and created it!

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