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Expert Online Coaching Essentials- Live Intensive!

Struggling to build and launch your brand in a crowded online space? This live intensive is ideal for anyone who wants to start an online coaching business or has recently started one but needs guidance and support to take it to the next level. 
Whether you are a seasoned coach looking to transition to online coaching or a new coach seeking to establish a strong online presence, this live intensive will get you to the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

June 7- June 9, 2023 : Daily at 12p EST

This Live Intensive Begins June 7th at 12p EST


You just want someone to tell you what works and what doesn't. You need the right help to take your super power to the next level. 

Googling your way through online coaching business topics can only last so long! It's time to take your coaching business seriously and get it launched beautifully.

Learn the must have's in Online Business Management, Mindset + Wellness, Web Design + Strategy so you can launch your brand confidently!

Meet past clients

"The way she works with ease and flow and so quickly makes me feel like I am a priority."

"Real life ninja. I have not seen anything like it. As a visionary and creative I move fast and the challenge has been having the systems in place for my team to keep up with me. The way she works with ease and flow and so quickly makes me feel like I am a priority and has relieved so much stress off of my plate for my visions to be brought to life in a timely manner and not putting my team through last minute chaos to get things done!"

- charlie, life coach


"...God sent, divinely answered prayers..."

"Since signing up to work with you, I feel so much more confident, aligned and excited for what’s to come. You and this project are one of those God sent, divinely answered prayers for clarity and forward movement and I’m eternally grateful."

- Bennell, event planner


In this live intensive
you will:


Unlock Your Brand's Potential by Mastering Mindset and Wellness for Sustainable Success


Create Your Blueprint for Success with Essential Systems to Elevate Your Coaching Business


Go From Zero to Six Figures with The Proven Coaching Business Model


Create an Expert-Level Web Design to Elevate Your Online Presence

this is for you.

Don't let others look down on you but show them and be an example for the believers, in truth, love, faith, purity, speech and in everyday life...

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the breakdown:

Wednesday, June 7 at 12p EST

We'll cover Mindset + Wellness and the important details behind how your thoughts can shape the business you create for years to come. How you start is how you'll finish. You need to set the foundation now, to ensure success.

Thursday, June 8 at 12p EST

Learn the Systems Blueprint + Business Model that every coach needs to find success. It's hard to start your business alone but with the proper systems in place, you can launch and soar!

Friday, June 9 at 12p EST

We'll chat through all the details you need to show up online like the expert you are! Plus, stick around for an open house tour of The NC Co signature course and community + how to work with me directly!

*Replay's Available to Registrees Only*

Hey Friends,

I wanted to offer women an opportunity to run their businesses effectively with tools and online platforms that also played well together with their branding and web design. To me, it all has to work together and not having cohesiveness across the board creates frustration and overwhelm.

This LIVE 3-Day Intensive is packed with vital information you need to run your online coaching business. I'm excited to meet you there and be sure to bring a fresh notebook!

Registration is free!

I'm Niché! 

LET'S meet online, okay?


I can't wait to see the brand you launch and I'm here to help! No need to go into coaching online alone when we can do it, beautifully... together

The Niché Caldwell Co is a Lifestyle, Management + Inspiration brand for entrepreneurs who want to Enjoy Everything...

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