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The Project Scope

The Laporte & Company plans and produces high-ticket events designed with thoughtful intention and sophisticated elegance for discerning clientele in Arizona, California, and exclusive worldwide destinations. 

Brand Direction
Bennell and I worked hard on conveying her luxurious and multifaceted brand in a way that represented her now and where she wants to take her clients. The journey to launching involved a customized website experience, connecting the dots with all her logistics and the entire backend of her business including the booking, scheduling, strategy and offer suite.

The Owner
Bennell is a global event planner, coach, and travel enthusiast who believes that no occasion is too small to celebrate in grand style.

Laporte & Company


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Decisive  /  driven  /  LUXURIOUS
realistic  /  OPULENT  /  self-assured  / STRONG
Market Leader  /  compelling  /  visionary
dynamic  /  FOCUSED  /  practical



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