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I’ve always been a writer at heart but never liked the constrains of little money for an art I work so hard for and care so much about. But, someone told me that my art was worth more than money and that changing people and lives or even enhancing people, ideas or lifestyles is worth more than gold. I believe that. I believe that if you work hard enough at your art, someone will see the value and pay what it’s worth.

I believe that if I can help an audience through words, then I should. Everything isn’t all about money, all the time. Would I like to be paid to blog? Sure! Would I love for everyone to buy my fiction novel and make it a best seller? Absolutely! Am I there yet? Nope, I’m not. So I’ve got work to do. And, maybe this little engine that could will get there one day. And maybe it isn’t a maybe after all… It’s a will.

But, it would be a disservice to me and to you to hold back. I know that not many people would believe in me if I’m not consistent or only blog about one thing. So here, we’ll talk about faith, mom life, wife life, beauty, entrepreneurship and all things lifestyle all through my eyes. There are so many other things I certainly want to share but we’ll get to those! You can always check in my stories and always DM me over on Instagram. The time is now and I’m excited to share.

The new website is coming together nicely and is definitely taking a long time. However, it is custom, I’m doing it all on my own and I’m thinking about the long run and not just today. I’m working on getting over that and just putting out what I have… not there yet, but you guys will certainly be the first to know when the site launches and when every page is ready!

I welcome you all and I can’t wait to share all that I have planned. I’m ready to hear any suggestions that you’d like to share and I look forward to your interaction with me. Let’s get going! 


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