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I had such a struggle this week trying to understand what was wrong with my laptop! It goes to show you that the messages we’re usually trying to get out, are perfect for the time we’re in.  In this case, it’s so fitting! I wanted to chat about the gifts and curses of entrepreneurship and low and behold, the glitches started to roll in just as I was trying to publish, upload and schedule this out to you. So, with much tardiness and without further adieu…grab a drink (fruit punch for me/or coffee!) and cuddle up with me for a bit and let’s chat about this thing called entrepreneurship… want to?
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I’ve been an entrepreneur now for over 7 years and it has not been easy. However, it has been worth it. My husband was in the NFL and I thought the transition from NFL wife to business owner would’ve been a bit more seamless but it wasn’t. The transition isn’t seamless, not for anyone. It’s arduous and it’s amazing. It’s hard and it’s simple.  Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, let me be the first to tell you. It is a well crafted journey between you and God. It’s an intimate experience that can only be forged by the resilient, purposed and courageous. Now, everyone doesn’t start off with all of these qualities, I believe.

But, you evolve and attach yourself to these characteristics as you build your business and your new life. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and that is perfectly okay. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay the course that someone else has charted for you and rising to the top in those arenas. The issue really comes when we wrestle with ourselves over a business, or gift or even a hobby that God has given us and we never fully acknowledge or bring it to fruition out of fear and out of pure ignorance. 

We are built for what God has purposed us to do. If it’s down in you and it’s something that challenges, excites and welcomes you… then there’s a business that can be built from it. The gifts outweigh the curses in this regard. For me, it’s a determining factor and a vital gauge that can tell us whether it’s something there or not. If you have a gift, there’s a business there. Some of the curses are pretty common I think with any job. There are late nights, mishaps, lots of money spent, wasted hours on people and on things that really don’t matter and much more. There is a full process of struggle and of ignorance that you must go through to just really figure it out for you.

Honestly, I don’t know anyone that has it all completely figured out but the inner workings become successful because of the ability to be flexible, pivot, make changes and to keep trying. Resiliency and consistency are both really hard but are also really necessary. I think they eventually become gifts in themselves once you nail down what exactly your consistency is to your business. Everyone’s consistency is different. 

The benefits to me far outweigh the lack of consistent income some days, the pressure of performing, the exhaustion of failure… All of those things are a part of it. But, when we operate in our gifts and we get more time with our kids, husbands, families, friends… When we can wake up late or make appointments when we feel and when we can set the tone of our week based on a schedule we create, we can find that the gifts of entrepreneurship will start to actually feel good. When we can get to a point where we are living in our ideal days, we find success. 

There are milestones that are intimately achieved that give you the sense of being on the right path. That, coupled with the ability to qualify, keep up with and even pass friends and family in 9-5’s is extremely gratifying. The sense of accomplishment is just different when you can say I did this with God and I did this for us. This is mine. My victory, my success and also my own fruit that I’ve been harvesting for years. 

I think God gives us those tokens of success so that we can sustain but also so that we don’t lose heart along the way. I love to hear my clients and even potential clients, tell me their stories of why they started. It’s so key to hear that because when things aren’t exactly as you want them to be, you’ve got to go back to that and realize the gift and realize that the curses of entrepreneurship are temporary. It will pass and it will get better. 

Tonight, I only wanted to encourage you and give a little insight on why entrepreneurship is so meaningful to me and why I even have clients to begin with. I love helping new and established personal brands figure it all out. I love setting them up for success and being able to watch them hit 5/6 figures all because of what I was able to visually help them create and internally help them create. 

The gifts of entrepreneurship are worth the curses that come with it. Again, there are curses and hardships in everything you do and along every path you take. Personally, I’d rather struggle and have hardships in something that I’m trying to build for myself. I’d rather live check to check with the checks I’m paying to myself. 

Do you have a business deep down that you’ve always wanted to start but can’t figure out how to connect all the dots? Are you in business but it just doesn’t flow or feel like a real business yet? Are all your irons in the fire and you’ve seen some success but are overwhelmed? If so, I encourage you to head over here and see if we’re a fit to work together. I don’t have all the answers but if I can give you one tidbit that changes the direction of your business and even your life, then it’s worth exploring!

Until next time…


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