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My Experience

I remember the night before I gave birth to my beautiful Savannah. I was so calm but really unprepared. Oh, we had the crib, the clothes, diapers, toys, you name it… But, I was unprepared for the pain and the glory that was soon coming. Unprepared for the rush of emotions I immediately felt.

While in the midst of the labor, you don’t think, “I’m becoming a mom…” you’re only thinking of the baby’s safety and then your body’s incredible abilities. Once they arrive, it’s game time…

The nurses are there and the responsibility then all becomes yours. Yes, my husband was there and so was my mom but it was the first moment I held her and she opened her eyes that I knew I would do everything I could to love her and protect her.

I barely wanted anyone else to touch her. She was inside me for 10 months and now in the world for everyone else the see… that was the scary part. The world. What will I teach her, what will scare her, what will she love? I thought only of how awful the world was and how I could shield her. Then myself. Will I be or am I good enough? What if she gets sick?

No one can prepare for you for the amount of sleep you’ll lose or the countless hours of just watching your baby. The hours on end of prayers at every step you move with them. And, no one can prepare you for the talk you have to have with God.

You have to talk to God and ultimately give them back to him. The reality is that you will never be everywhere they are at all times of their lives, but God will. So, here’s my advice as a new mom.

You are enough

You will be swollen, in pain, tired, exhausted, sleepy, frustrated, confused, thankful, and so very happy with it all and sad about it all. Remember that you are enough.

You will nurse and it will hurt like you can’t believe but, you are enough. Even when/if you choose not to nurse, you will still be enough.

Your husband is your greatest ally in this and you will love and hate him but even still, you will be enough.

What God has given you, financially, emotionally, mentally, spacially… it’s all enough. If it isn’t, trust me that God will find a way for it to be enough.

When someone offers to help you from a sincere place, take the help. This is a sign that you are enough simply because making the mistake of doing it all will move you to burnout and exhaustion so fast, your head will literally spin. Ask for help if no one offers and tell them, “I know I can do it and I’m enough but I need help with this.”

If you don’t remember anything else, remember that the love you give that sweet baby, is enough.

Most Common Fairytales

Most people will give you a beautiful brith story that starts and end with a romanticized notion of encouragement. I’m not. Birthing a baby, hurts! It’s awful, it most likely will be the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your entire life, internally or otherwise.

Physically it’s the most challenging thing you’ve ever done. However, it is the most incredible experience to literally watch your very own body go through and heal through.

You will gain weight, lose weight, have bad eyes, bad teeth, bad odor, you will bleed and sometimes tear and you will recover! That’s the upside. It does end and it does subside.

Nursing helps you lose a lot of the weight you’ll gain and also wearing a shaper helps push your organs and abs back where they once were… In olden times, they used to wrap women around the waist to make sure their shape went back to where it once was. Just google body wrapping after childbirth and have fun reading!

My mother did this to me the day we went home with baby Savannah and I’m so thankful she did. It wasn’t a binding wrap or spankx that is so tight you can barely breathe. But, it was a simple girdle that had legs to it and stretched up to underneath my breasts. For me, it worked. I strongly suggest trying it!

You’ve Got This

There are so many factors that deal with having a baby. But, our faith in God takes us to another level of calm and appreciation. Lean into Him first before anyone or anything else. Remember that you’re enough and God is faithful! Some things are old and 2020 can seem like a totally different experience.

However, women have been having babies since the beginning of time, literally. We made it here and it’s an honor to be among all the moms who watched their bodies transform to bring a life into this world! Go us!

For any more details or questions, DM me over on Instagram and I’ll see you on the next one! Congrats in advance!!


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