18 Business Ideas for SAHMs



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It’s an amazing thing to make the decision to start or revamp your business!

As a wife, mom and serial entrepreneur, I understand just how freeing and exhilarating it can be when imagining all the possibilities of running your own company.

I’ve compiled a list of business ideas that can specifically fit the lifestyle of women partnered with a professional athlete but it works for Stay at Home Moms just the same. My husband was in the NFL for 9 years and during that time, we lived in 4 different cities. It was almost unimaginable to want to start a business but now, it’s easier than ever and more possible than ever before.

These businesses can all be done with seamless systems online. You can take sessions, bookings, and meetings with clients all virtually and deliver your good or service through online platforms. We recommend 17hats and ClickUp to handle all the chaos and you can find some good discounts and more recommendations over on my favorites page!

Let’s dive right into the list!

  1. Coach: Lifestyle/Life/Fitness
  2. Influencer: Home/Business/Brands
  3. Mentor: Youth/Church
  4. Online Retailer/Online Boutique Owner
  5. Virtual Tutor
  6. Consultant: Small Business/Corporate
  7. Real Estate Investor/Realtor
  8. Event Planner
  9. Personal Stylist
  10. Make-Up Artist
  11. Content Creator
  12. Ads Manager
  13. Virtual Assistant
  14. Social Media Marketer
  15. Community Organizer
  16. Copywriter
  17. Virtual Organizer
  18. Lifestyle Photographer

Are you attracted to any of those business ideas? I’d love to hear it, so DM me on IG! Oh, and while you’re there… follow me for more ideas, tips and business goodies!

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This was a quick one but we hope you’re at the very least, inspired to dig deeper into how these business can be started and ran efficiently while living in multiple places and managing multiple schedules!

To Your Continued Success,

xo, Niché

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