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Being a wife to a pro athlete is an adventurous and advantageous but wonderful thing. It does however, come with its challenges that other wives (maybe military wives?) just won’t face. It’s for sure challenging to be separate but equal in your life when everyday you live in constant and consistent support of not just the bread winner, but your best friend. We want nothing more than for our husbands success and the thought of having something of our own can seem and feels selfish. It isn’t that way in reality but it certainly can feel that way.

  1. Set an action plan that feels good and works for everyone
  2. Don’t dismiss your plan at the first site of a challenge or objection
  3. Find support (professionally) that can get things done for your quickly

Set an action plan that feels good and works for everyone

When you can set a plan that is intentional, you can create a balance that produces longevity. In the world of entrepreneurship, you’ve got to plan and have a way to execute your plans no matter who’s in your life. As an athlete’s wife, it’s even more important to have a plan that works for you and for your husband. Meaning, it’s so necessary to communicate and have support from your husband with all your new plans. When he’s dealing with all the pressures of pro athlete life, you’re holding everyone and everything down and it can be overwhelming. When you’re adding something onto your plate, it’s so important and helpful to have your husband whisper a ‘great job, babe’ to you every now and then. That can only happen if you communicate and set a plan that feels good to him and especially to you.

Plan to work when he’s at work. It’s so much easier to actually get work done when you have a specified time in your day to sit down and focus. With young children, that can be during nap time or before they wake up in the morning or even during a designated movie time when you can carve out 2 hours just to yourself.

Plan to have late nights initially. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of something, you don’t want to cut away and not finish just because you know you should be asleep. Look, I’m all about having a night routine and a morning routine, setting intentions and staying on a schedule however, when you have inspiration going, don’t stop. Let it flow right in that moment because it’s in those moments that we create our best things! I caught myself doing it too much when I was first starting out and I surely don’t recommend that. But, I do recommend that you mentally prepare to have late nights and know that it’s okay to give yourself grace when you’re perfect schedule gets interrupted because of a career, business, or idea that you have got to get out the world. Which leads me to…

Don’t dismiss your plan at the first site of a challenge or objection

There will be challenges and oppositions along this journey. It’s inevitable. But, challenges are not immovable. The easy way out would be to throw your hands up and say ‘well, I don’t actually have to do this anyway…’ and then just quit. But, the business that you have inside you deserves a fight. You weren’t given this idea by chance. You were given this idea because of purpose. It’s your job to get out what God entrusted to you. You have the keen ability to attract the right people and the right things. So, use that to your advantage when opposition comes. When you get stuck, confused, or overwhelmed, use your resources.

Find support (professionally) that can get things done for your quickly

It’s at the point of frustration or confusion when we take a step back and see how much help we actually need. It’s hard to say it and to realize it because we are so used to doing EVERYTHING ourselves, but it’s so necessary when you are trying to run a household, be a main point of support for someone you love, raise children, start a business and make time to be a friend and all other things!

Look at the things you are consistently and peacefully good at doing and for everything else, make a plan to find someone to help you out with that. If social media isn’t your thing, make a plan to do it until you can have your business pay for someone to come and help you.

If you need systems setup for you, branding, web design and help tying it altogether, hire us to do it for you in 2 weeks time with our signature method for launching!

When you’re ready for admin help, look into grabbing a virtual assistant that can take off some of the load of your daily tasks.

There are so many options for next steps once you’re up and going but the main thing is to get up and going. Hopefully, these tips will give you confidence in knowing that it won’t be perfect but it will, BE. It may be hard work but it’s better than not working at all.

We have so much more to share with you and if you’re ready for more, watch our FREE Training on Launching Your Business Like an Expert in 2021!

To your continued success,

xo, Niché

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